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     LIVE Continuing Education credited classes will be scheduled at venues around

town, or are available to be held at individual brokerages, with or without

invitations to other agents.


     I, Mickey Lackey, am a member of the Abilene Association, but my classes are

taught under my OWN separate TREC providership, and therefore, not at the

board office. I will make every attempt to avoid an educational opportunity

conflict with the board. My classes are exclusive, self-authored, independently

approved and proprietary, so not available thru any other provider, including

Texas Realtors, so they do not conflict with classes one can take thru the

board. Most of my classes will cost $5 per credit hour, unless there are

excessive materials provided. All TREC class requirements will be met, but we

are not constrained by TR requirements.


     Attendees are welcome but not required to wear masks, social distance, etc,

to the level of their comfort. I will not tolerate berating others for their

personal decision on masking/distancing or not.

Class schedules for each upcoming month will be hand-delivered to major

offices, also available on Facebook #KeySKillsRE, and my website, (currently being revamped) or by OPT-IN Email

notification. I have no interest in chasing those not interested.


     All classes require a minimum of ONE attendee, prepaid and pre-registered

more than 24 hours before the start of class time. IF ONE attendee registers,

class WILL be held. Any class that does NOT have one registration will be

canceled, and unavailable for walk-in.

Payment/Registration for classes may be made by Venmo or Paypal. Please

put class title in notes with electronic payments. Full Refunds (should YOU

decide not to attend) will be made if cancelation is received before registration

deadline for each class.

My focus is on LIVE, in-person classes, but occasionally, depending on the

scope of the course, video arrangements might be accommodated, if

requested with AMPLE notice.


     My preferred communication is thru email,

as I will NOT interrupt a class or meeting. You may also text me, 325-665-

5939, but I cannot guarantee faster response.


     I also offer workshops (with NO CE CREDIT) on a multitude of subjects, and

intend to have that list posted on the website soon.

I am open to special requests for classes to be held, I usually request that you

have a minimum of 4 attendees for a special schedule, especially if it will be

exclusive to your group.


     This document will be updated, as often as necessary, based on questions or

situations yet to occur. It will then be posted on the website.